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Welcome to the Taxi Insurance page of the My Best Quote website. We are a major Taxi Insurance Broker based in the North east of England. We can offer special and often unique rates for insurance for taxis throughout the UK.
In addition to our wide range of taxi insurance insurance products, we also have a new exclusive scheme Camera Taxi Insurance underwritten by Markerstudy Insurance .It offers discounted rates in most areas of the UK if you are willing to have a forward facing video camera fitted in your taxi.
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Taxi Insurance – Competitive Rates and Schemes

We are very competitive on maximum No Claims Bonus taxi insurance. However, we also a number of different schemes which include Introductory  Discounts, special rates for those high premiums in excess of £2500 and lower rates for those unlucky enough to have suffered a “fault accident” in the past 12 months. In addition, we have two new technology products, Markerstudy Camera Taxi Insurance and Telematics Taxi Insurance.
Please see below for further details of our schemes

Introductory Discounts

At My Best Quote, we can offer Introductory discounts for new UK  Taxi Drivers who have previously worked as a driver. Particularly if you have worked during unsociable hours e.g. Couriers, Lorry Drivers and Ambulance Drivers.

2500 Scheme

Specialist Taxi Insurance Scheme for drivers in the UK who have been badged for at least 12 months and have a poor accident or conviction history and have received quotes of over £2500 elsewhere.

One Fault Claim in past 12 months

Specialist Taxi Insurance Scheme for drivers who have lost their No Claims Discount due to a fault accident in the past 12 months. Losing your No Claims Discount can make a big difference to your renewal premium. We have negotiated a special taxi insurance scheme solely for that eventuality.

Video Camera Taxi Insurance

As a major taxi insurance provider, one of the the main problems we encounter are exaggerated Taxi Insurance or inaccurate claims allegations against our clients. You will be aware that the increase in frequency and cost for this type of claim, together with “crash for cash” claims, is adding hundreds of pounds to your taxi insurance premium.
As a result, we are proud  to announce that in order to protect our clients and their hard-earned No Claims Bonus, we have teamed up with our Insurers Markerstudy to launch Video Camera Taxi Insurance and fit a state of the art video recorder camera manufactured by Smart Witness in all our taxi policyholders vehicles. A new and unique concept in taxi insurance offering both excellent levels of cover at competitive rates in the UK. Click Here for more information. See below for video in action.

Telematics Taxi Insurance

Telematics technology also known as black box technology has existed for over a decade now but is continually evolving. It has not been used widely (if at all) until now in the UK taxi insurance market.  Click Here for further information about Taxi Insurance Telematics.


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Important information for Taxi Insurance: In order to combat fraud you must give ourselves and In order to combat fraud you must give ourselves and your Insurer permission to check your claims history. We also carry out a credit search. Any incorrect information supplied to us will mean that we will not be able to offer an insurance quote for your taxi.